Our Goal

to provide an educational and encouraging space for first generation students to learn more about science-related opportunities, boosting their future endeavors.

Hi, I'm Sophia!
A high school student with an aspiration for science

    I am currently a junior in high school and in wake of the end of the first semester of eleventh grade and looming college application season, I wanted to share some of the knowledge that I have gathered along the way.  Since childhood I have developed a strong interest in almost all topics science. From cultivating monarch butterflies since age four to leading a women's robotics club, I have faced many challenges and gained valuable knowledge, helping me gain better insight into what I plan to pursue in the future.  As a first generation student, I found myself watching countless YouTube videos and reading endless info pages to learn more about how I can best prepare myself for what I hope to accomplish.  However, a single place for students like me seemed to be missing as I sat sifting through hours of webpages often with little reward.  My hope for First STEM Gen is to act as a mode of guidance and sharing for high schoolers just like me.  Additionally, I deeply want to encourage students to pursue the path they desire, regardless of what disadvantages you may face.  You are capable.‚Äč    

Helpful Resources Designed for You

First STEM Gen offers a variety of helfpul informational blogs and ressources to assist fiorst generation students with goals to achieve higher education and occupations in science, math, engineering, and technology.

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