The Art of Avoiding Late Nights and Caffeine Addicition


    With the laborious course load of junior year, along with attempts to balance a life outside of school, it can be easy to fall into unhealthy habits.  However, with a few helpful strategies, your can be productive while having more time to enjoy life.

                                                                                                                           Realistic Strategy

    Having just completed my first semester of junior year a week ago with an ideal GPA and a smooth finals week, I feel that I can provide valuable advice about what worked for me and what didn't.  During the summer of sophomore year, fueled by tales from seniors or graduates, I scavenged the internet for any advice I could find.  I was terrified of the hardships the year would bring and keeping my grades high.  However, with consistent time management, starting the year off strong, and managing my social life around school, I was able to achieve a smooth semester.

Time Management

    Undoubtedly the aspect I attrribute mots of my success of this year from are my time management strategies.  While it can be tempting to fall victim to procrastination, once you get into a consistent rythm of work and self-accountability, it quickly becomes second nature.  The methods that worked best for me included planning my assignments according to how long they would take to complete.  For my math class, a certain number of questions were alotted weekly, therefore each day I required myself to complete a certain number each day leading up to the due date.  I found this strategy worked for me in every subject, including humanities.  In my theology class, weekly essays were assigned, for which I would write one to two paragaraphs each day and turn in on Friday.  Completing assignments in increments allows me to complete work more thoroughly without feeling like I am drowning in work.     Additionally, one of the most useful tools that has allowed me thrive since freshman year has remained a planner.  Hear me out, I know you have definitely heard teachers or your own mother emphasize the importance of owning an agenda, and probably rolled your eyes and moved on with your life.  However, as an avid and proud agenda lover, I cannot express how useful they truly are.  Although your school's student portal probably lists all assignments and due dates, this layout is not as sufficient.  By taking just five minutes to write down what needs to be completed each day before the week begins, you allow yourself to gain a better idea of the weight of workload for each day and a place to jot down last minute reminders that materialize each day.

Starting Strong

    One of the most important pieces of academic advice I have gained has stayed with me since the ripe age of nine years old from my fourth grade teacher whom consistently emphasized the importance of beginning each semester very strong, as grades are much easier to drop than raise.  Giving yourself motivation to fuel your stamina at the beginning of  each half is crucial to success, especially if you are one to lose steam towards the end of the academic year.  In beginning your year with strong study habits and time managment, this will promote healthy habits that can be carried through the rest of the year.  Furthermore, the burdens of raising your grades throughout the entirety of the semester will significanlty decrease anxiety associated with the class, giving room for a more positive learning experience overall. 

Be Nice To Yourself

    The turbulance of school can feel entirely consuming, enticing one to become a recluse during the weekends or during breaks.  However appealing this may seem, it is important ot remember the significance of doing things and being with people you love.  Not only will enjoying your free time benefit you in the short-term, but in the long-term as well.  Burnout is something that everyone is susceptible to and one of the most poractive ways to combat lack of motiavtion is to embrace your life outside of an academic setting.  Education is an extremely important gift, but it is not everything in your life.  So say yes to going to lunch with your friends and buy tickets to see that movie. Recognize the beauty of life away from school when you can.