Where Do I Even Begin?

If you haver ever felt "late" to the game you are not alone.  But, no need to panic, everything you need to know is right at your fingertips.

It Is Never Too Late

    By taking advantage of your resources and recognizing opportunities available to you, possibilities are endless.  Whether you have been anticipating a career in STEM since the fifth grade or are amidst the summer before your senior year trying to make up your mind, I assure you a bright future lies ahead.

What Do I Even Like?

    Since the ripe age of four every student gets asked the same, heavy question: "What do you want to be when you grow up?"  However, perhaps this is the wrong place to begin.  Before stressing yourself out with these anxiety-provoking questions, consider your interests.  Which subject has remained your favorite consistently?  Do any of your hobbies align with a class or field you can pursue?  Most importantly, you should make sure that what you plan to go after is a field you truly enjoy.  Although it can be easy to feel pressured into a certain path that your family has chosen for you, remaining true to yourself is crucial not only to your success, but to your happiness on the larger scale.

Then What?

    Now that you have a good idea of what you love, expressing your interests and demonstrating how well you can perform is the next step.  Interested in engineering?  Try taking an advanced physics course at your school or join a competitive robotics team.  Do you love learning about how the human body works?  Enroll in an anatomy class or sign up for medical health science club.  By displaying your curiosities, not only will you become more knowledgable in your subject, but will prove beneficial to your resume when applying to college.  Demonstrated interest both inside and outside of school will ensure you get the best shot at receiving a higher education in the field you prefer.

Personal Pursuits

    Although it can be easy to let yourself become immersed with building a resume or balancing twelve clubs, it is important to continue doing things you enjoy personally.  Whether it be creating your own blog (like me :) ) or teaching yourself how to code at home, remaining doing the things you love outside of a structured setting nourishes your passions for what you love.  Never let your long-term goals prevent you from indulging in your curiosities!